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NBA Rumors : Eric Gordon In Phoenix? Not a Chance.

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans Hornet’s shooting guard Eric Gordon was offered–and has agreed to a max contract–with the Phoenix Suns for four years and 58 million dollars.

Gordon would recently express his desire to leave the Big Easy and has claimed that the desert is where he wants to be.

Well too bad.

Gordon is a restricted free agent the Hornets can match any offer given and it looks all but certain that they will do so. They are not likely to part with the main piece of their Chris Paul blockbuster trade and one of their franchise cornerstones. He is their leading scorer and is one of the best shooting guards in the league and one of the best young players in the NBA.

Although Gordon missed most of last season, he still has his best years ahead of him and a team does not simply let a 23 year old who has averaged over 20 points the last two seasons get away.

Gordon can say whatever he wants, but his wishes should in no way get in the way of the business side of basketball, which is that talent wins championships and no team will let a young star leave, regardless of what he feels.

Yes, he may be disappointed, but he will realize that the NBA is indeed a business and the next four years of his career belongs to the Hornets. As harsh as that may sound, it is the truth.

He is a major asset to the franchise and his wishes mean nothing compared to the team’s goal of rebuilding and trying to field a future championship caliber roster.

Gordon is a professional and it is extremely doubtful that he will let his emotions get in the way of his play and in all likelihood he will learn to love the city of New Orleans, as it is a fantastic city and
has great fans.

It seems that Gordon will be in New Orleans for the foreseeable future and he should look forward to that future, as the team is in fantastic shape. With Anthony Davis’ defense, Austin Rivers’ offense, Gordon’s all around talent and copious amount of cap space, the team has a trio to build around and money to spend to get even better.

They even have a new owner who is dedicated to winning and one who will keep the team in New Orleans and build up the fan base. Gordon may want to go to Phoenix, but he has the chance to be the leader during their quest back to respectability.

As nice as Phoenix may sound to him, New Orleans will be his NBA home for the next few years and if he gets over whatever lingering emotions he may feel once the team officially matches his offer sheet, he should realize that can be apart of something very special down in New Orleans.

Hornets fans do not fret, as Eric Gordon is almost certainly not leaving New Orleans.