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Houston Rockets Trade Kyle Lowry To Toronto Raptors

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Kyle Lowry has been deemed expendable as the Houston Rockets have traded the point guard to the Toronto Raptors.  Lowry has been rumored to be moved since the Draft so it makes sense that the Rockets finally move him.  This means that they are gearing up to get Jeremy Lin.  A future lottery pick will be going to Rockets.

Lowry was having a great season before he was struck down with an infection that effectively ruined his season.  It was sad to see, considering that Lowry is a fantastic point guard when he is on his game.  However, the Rockets have been trying to set up to make a big move for a couple of years now.  They obviously did not see Lowry as part of the future.

This is a perfect time to be a fan of basketball.  Free agency is going nuts, which means players are signing and getting traded each hour.  It is fun to keep up with.  I expect that Rockets have deemed Lin a better future piece than Lowry.  I bet his poison pill contract is going to make it very hard for the New York Knicks to match an offer.  Smart move by the front office.

This move basically means that Jose Calderon is out in Toronto.  I would expect that they try to move him, unless they want to groom Lowry for one year.  I think this move works for both teams, but I still think the Rockets are screwing up the offseason.  They now have zero point guards.  The Raptors getting Lowry should work in the long run.  Kind of makes up for the wackiness known as the Landry Fields offer.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.