NBA Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Sign First Round Draft Pick Miles Plumlee

The Indiana Pacers wasted no time after the July 4th holiday to sign their first round draft pick (26th overall), forward Miles Plumlee from Duke University. On Thursday, Indiana signed Plumlee to an undisclosed contract amount. In turn, Plumlee wasted no time in getting into the mix with the Pacers, by participating in their rookie training camp that began, as well, on Thursday. The Pacers’ NBA Summer League team will begin play in Orlando on Monday. Indiana’s team will consist of Plumlee, as well as second round pick Orlando Johnson, and third-year guard Lance Stephenson, among others.

The drafting of Plumlee in the first round came with much curiosity and conflicted feelings from Indiana Pacers fans and nationwide media. Many saw Plumlee, who was part of an NCAA Championship Duke team in 2010, as more of a project than the ready-to-go player that the Indiana Pacers need to back up (or possibly start in the absence of) All-Star Center Roy Hibbert. Plumlee wowed the Pacers coaching staff at a rookie workout last month, an even though it was surprising to many, Indiana has had their eyes on him ever since.

There were reports that the Minnesota Timberwolves were looking to trade up from the second round to pick up Plumlee before the Pacers had a chance to get him, so Indiana pulled the trigger when their chance came up in the first round. Only time will tell what may or may not happen with the pick, but one thing is now certain. Miles Plumlee is officially an Indiana Pacer.