Jameer Nelson And Orlando Magic Agree To New Deal

By Riley Schmitt

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Jameer Nelson heading back to the Orlando Magic might be one of the strangest signings of the offseason.  The contract is for three years, but this deal makes little to no sense on its face.

Nelson has fallen off a cliff the last couple of years and he has problems with Dwight Howard.  If you do not trade Howard before the season starts, this locker room is going to be even more toxic than it was last season.  Howard had to be separated from Jameer Nelson to keep a fight from breaking out.  You really want those two on the same team again?

I really think the Magic are in too deep right now.  You have to burn the whole thing down and start over.  Bringing Jameer Nelson back does not help you rebuild.  In fact, it hurts your team.  Why not try to find a young guy to take over the helm at point?  We have seen the ceiling of Nelson and it is not overwhelmingly good.

There have been some odd signings so far but I am going to put this right near the top.  Nelson does not really have value to the Magic anymore.  He is just not a good fit with that team anymore.  I can not believe that they brought him back but Jameer might prove me wrong.  I doubt that happens but I have been wrong before.

Jameer Nelson is back with the Magic and a lot of people are confused.  Sounds like the Magic are doing what they do best.  Moves with no rhyme or reason always make the best sense.  If you really wanted to kick Howard out the door, might as well bring back a guy that he does not like.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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