Jason Kidd Agrees To Deal With New York Knicks

By Riley Schmitt

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In an unexpected twist, Jason Kidd is not going to the Dallas Mavericks and is instead headed to the Big Apple to play for the New York Knicks.  It was rumored that Kidd was very close to a three year deal with the Mavs, but this certainly changes everything.

This certainly will affect the Knicks in their attempt to keep Jeremy Lin.  Does Lin want to play with a guy like Jason Kidd or does he want to head off somewhere else to become the man?  The Knicks would love his marketability but his contract could end up being god awful.  Not something that you want to mess around with.

Kidd is an old man, but he should fit the roster pretty well.  He has turned himself into a weapon from deep and that means he will take advantage of the looks the star players get him.  Well, Carmelo Anthony still might ignore him to shoot 30 times a game but the option is there.

I like this move but I do not love it.  Kidd must have felt the Knicks are the better chance to win a title, which means the Mavs are really in trouble this offseason.  They are literally getting spurned by every single person they have targeted.  Must be a rough life down there for them.

Jason Kidd is going to the Knicks and I bet a lot of people are going to grow to love this move.  I am going to withhold judgment for a while, but this move could end up being a steal.  Time will tell how well he can keep the ball moving amongst the ball stoppers, but he is one of the best of all time.  I have faith that he will do big things in NY.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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