NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Trade To Los Angeles Lakers Could Happen Any Moment

By Riley Schmitt

NBA rumors surrounding Dwight Howard have been all the rage lately.  It seems likely that the Orlando Magic trade the big center fairly quickly and it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers could be making a move for him very soon.  Jackie Pepper runs a really excellent Tumblr page and she says the deal could go down at any time.

The source says the Lakers have informed one player that he might be part of the package deal and that he could be traded at any moment. 

Sounds like Howard to Hollywood is a lot closer than people think.  I know for a fact that Andrew Bynum is part of the package but let us take a guess to the mystery player.  If I were a betting man, I would go with a wild card and say Andrew Goudelock.  He’s young, talented, and cheap.  Three things the Magic desperately need.

If these deal goes down, I expect it to be soon.  The Magic really can not wait for Howard and the Lakers seem to want to fully commit to winning more titles.  They think Howard can do that better than Andrew Bynum.  I think it is almost a wash personally, but a motivated Howard could do a lot of damage.

This is what is great about NBA rumors.  They break at the weirdest times.  If this thing picks up steam, the Internet will buzzing at a very late hour once again.  This is why free agency and trades rule all.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.


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