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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Agree To Offer Sheet With Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin could be taking Linsanity to a new town if you believe the latest NBA rumors.  Lin has agreed to an offer sheet with the Houston Rockets and he plans to sign the sheet.  The New York Knicks have the option to match the sheet but who knows if they will.

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The signing of Jason Kidd made me pause about Lin returning to NY.  He is a good player, but the poison pill aspect of this offer could be awful.  It could make the Omer Asik offer like a downright bargain.  The Knicks have no issue with the luxury tax, but you can’t handicap yourself.

The Rockets desperately need the Knicks to decline to match.  They have zero point guards that would be worth anything right now.  The NBA rumors have had the attached to a lot of names but nothing has come out yet.  They practically gave away the ones on their roster without getting thing back in return.

I think this thing can go either way.  The marketing and merchadise attached to Lin is off the charts.  Could that outweigh the negative costs of an awful contract?  It is plausible if not entirely smart.  You will make the money back on Lin, but you are still handicapping your team.

Watch this batch of NBA rumors closely.  You could argue that Lin could be the biggest get on the market if you look at his total value to a franchise.  Keep your belts tightened for this one.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.