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Steve Nash Called Kobe Bryant Before Trade To Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers got a much needed point guard in Steve Nash via a trade with the Phoenix Suns. Before Nash agreed to the sign-and-trade, he wanted to make sure Lakers star Kobe Bryant wanted him to be a part of the squad. Nash contacted Bryant over the phone in which a promising conversation took place.

“For me, it was important to speak to him and make sure he was completely on board, and that he could kind of visualize this as being a good fit, and being excited about it. So I spoke to him,” Nash said. “Kobe, he was great. He was excited, and explained to me how he thought it would help, and why he thought it would be great, and I think a lot of the reasons he had were ones I could already envision before speaking to him.”

No kidding Kobe was excited. I do not care what everyone is currently saying about the trade, the Lakers just upgraded their team tenfold. If they are able to keep the major players on the current roster intact then the addition of Nash will make Los Angeles a serious contender next season.

I understand it is questionable surrendering four draft picks, two of them in the first round, but the Lakers have desperately needed a talented point guard for some time. Derek Fisher was great for them for almost a decade but Los Angeles needed somebody better. Nash will be a perfect fit and will play well with Kobe. His dribbling skills are outstanding and he is great at making other players better, which is exactly what Kobe wants on his ball club.

“Kobe is still one of the all-time great players in this game. I hope he does have the ball in his hands a lot,” Nash said. “But at the same time, I think it takes pressure off him as someone else can handle the ball, and get him the ball in spots. Maybe get him a few more easy baskets and at the same time maybe create offense for other guys so he’s not stuck so often having to take on one or two defenders.

“Perhaps we can all make each other better because of our different skills. Maybe I can space the floor for those big guys, maybe they’ll create opportunities for me on pick and rolls because of their length and ability to finish at the rim, and that combination will hopefully make it a little easier for Kobe as well.”

The future could be at risk but the Lakers made the conscious decision to part ways with future potential starters to acquire a proven one for the next three years at $27 million. It is well documented the majority of talented players from the draft are selected within the first 15 picks. Considering the Lakers are typically playing for a championship they will never draft in the top 20 which means draft picks are not as important to them as trading for proven players. Also, Los Angeles is determined to win now and not wait around for Kobe and other players to grow old.

There were several teams interested in acquiring Nash but ultimately he made the decision to sign with the Lakers because he wants to win a ring before his time is up in the NBA and Los Angeles is his best chance at doing that. Also, he wanted to be close to his three children who live in Phoenix.

“I hate to upset people but my little boy and my two girls mean everything to me, and the opportunity to be able to see them three or four times a month instead of three or four times a season is incredible and priceless. I’m sorry for those that I upset, but my kids come first,” he said.

The only reason Nash considered not signing with the Lakers was because he understands they are a bitter rival and was not sure if he was comfortable playing with a team that defeated him so many times in the postseason. He also considered the Phoenix fans but ultimately he had to do what was best for him and his family.