Where do the Dallas Mavericks go from here? Fans are getting antsy.

By Marian Hinton

To say that this off-season has not been kind to the Dallas Mavericks would be an incredible understatement. Here we are, early July, and nothing so far this summer has gone the Mavs‘ way. Actually, make that two consecutive summers.

After winning their first NBA title two seasons ago, the Mavs allowed key pieces of the championship team to walk in hopes that this summer they would be able to rebuild, primarily with Dallas native, Deron Williams. Fans were frustrated after losing Tyson Chandler, Caron Butler, and DeShawn Stevenson but they believed owner Mark Cuban and general manager Donnie Nelson had a long-term plan in mind. Sure, it meant punting last season away, but as long as there was a plan in place, it was something that Mavs fans could stomach.

Yet, with the news breaking that Williams has decided to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets, free-agent Jason Terry has signed with Boston Celtics, and now Jason Kidd is headed to the New York Knicks, any hopes for the future are looking dim, and Dallas fans are left wondering what the franchise is going to do now.

To be fair, Terry and Kidd are certainly in the twilight of their careers, and it wouldn’t have made much sense for Dallas to sign them to long-term deals, but regardless, it’s hard to lose two starters when there doesn’t appear to be back-up plan in place.

Now, the only championship starters that remain are Shawn Marion and Dirk Notwitzki, and neither are getting any younger.

As far as Dirk is concerned, he is just two years removed from one of the best individual playoff performances in NBA history, and it would be an absolute shame if Dallas was to waste the final peak years of his career with no one surrounding him to help him get back to the top.

Unfortunately, it appears that this may very well be the case.

Sure, there are still many deals that could go down, and Cuban could come out of this looking like a genius. But right now, it just feels like everything is falling apart and there is simply nowhere to go from here.

Many Dallas fans still trust Cuban to turn it around, but the question now is, how soon can he get it done?

Mavs fans are getting antsy.



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