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Boston Celtics Ray Allen Is Judas: Let The Hate Begin

Boston Celtics free agent guard Ray Allen made a decision today that i believe he will someday regret. Ray chose to spurn Boston’s offer of double the money and a no trade clause to take his talents like a mercenary to South Beach for less money. The once proud Celtic hero is now reduced to the lowest of the low as he has turned his back on fans that supported him and teammates that went to war with him for over five years. I guess that counts for little in the world of Ray Allen that seems to only care about himself.

I do find it ironic that a man like Ray that seems so smart and concerned with his legacy would leave a situation like Boston. It is a big deal to end your career with a team like Boston after a long stint like the seven or eight years he would have been here if he had signed on. You retire as a member of a proud franchise and become a part of its legacy. His number would have been retired and he would have been a part of the Celtics family for as long as he liked like other greats. By leaving the way he did he has robbed himself shot of that. He is now just a gun for hire and I hope Boston has the good sense to never retire his number with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. He does not deserve it. He wanted to be a big part of something rather than a part in something big. This goes against the basic instincts of a true Celtic.

My view on this is very simple. The Ray Allen that was a Boston Celtic died in a plane crash on his way to Miami. Another guy stepped out of the wreck and decided to join the team that was gifted the NBA title. This man has no legacy and I hope he fails miserably trying to win an NBA title that he seeks. I hope his defense continues to decline and come next June Boston is sending his butt packing with Avery Bradley and Jason Terry eating him alive. Jesus is dead. Judas is now born. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!