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Nick Young Agrees To Deal With Philadelphia 76ers

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Nick Young has flown under the radar during free agency but the shooting guard has apparently agreed to a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.  I believe that this will probably spell the end of Lou Williams in Philly, as Young can fill that role.  The deal is for one year at a cool price of six million dollars.

Simply put, the 76ers need a guy who can shoot the rock.  Nick Young can do that.  Not many people on the roster can do that because the entire roster is basically the same person.  Philly might have the most 6’7 to 6’9 people that can not shoot on a roster ever.  At least Young breaks that up a bit.

I think Nick Young can help the team but he can also hurt it.  Calling him a gunner is putting it nicely.  I think the word “chucker” would be a better description.  When he is on, he can snipe you right back into games.  When he is off, you better hand helmets out to people on the court.  The way the ball rockets off the rim is dangerous.

Philly had to do something that made sense after the confusing signing of Spencer Hawes.  Not sure why you would play a below average center 6.5 million per year to block better players, but whatever.  At least Nick Young isn’t going to block anyone who needs to play.  He is going to be instant offense off the bench or that’s the plan at least.

Slow offseason for the 76ers but at least this move makes some sense until he gets into a brawl with Doug Collins.  Now that would be some must see TV for basketball fans.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.