NBA Rumors: Metta World Peace hints at potential Lakers trade

By Gil Alcaraz IV

It’s common knowledge that the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t happy with the hefty price that accompanies the contract of small forward Metta World Peace.

Last year and this year, there have been talks that the artist formerly known as Ron Artest would fall victim to the amnesty clause. There has also been speculation that the Lakers could be looking to trade away World Peace and his heavy salary cap hit.

The speculation was recently fueled when reports broke that the Lakers were again pursuing a trade for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Although talks obviously revolve around Lakers center Andrew Bynum, the purple and gold could also be looking to unload some unwanted salary.

If the Lakers really are ready to bid farewell to World Peace and his contract, a trade could be their avenue to emancipation.

So what message was hidden in the tweet that World Peace sent out on Friday night?

“Only way to make big trades : You gotta trade big time players,” World Peace informed fans via his personal Twitter account. “No way around it…. I’m so dope. Recognize.”

Is World Peace about to be traded by the Lakers? Is he subtly requesting a trade? Or is he just being the kooky, unpredictable player that we’ve all come to love/hate? Either way, it could be World Peace’s not-so-clever way of implying that a trade could be just around the corner for him.

As some of you may have noticed, World Peace enjoyed a bounce-back season in 2011-2012 as part of the Lakers’ bench unit. After stumbling out of the gates, the 2004 NBA Defensive Player of the Year came on strong at season’s end and helped the Lakers put together a valiant first-round postseason effort. He might be well past his prime, but the playmaking abilities are still present. Put simply, he still offers value.

The Magic might have recognized his dopeness and decided that he was the missing piece to the puzzle that sends Howard to the Lakers. Or this might just be another instance of World Peace being World Peace…

My money is on the latter. We’ll find out for sure soon enough.

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