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Did A Fake Twitter Account Cause James Harden To Think He Had Been Traded?

James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder is just a regular basketball player trying to make a living.  Harden is with the US Olympic team as they prepare for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.  However, Harden caused a stir when he Instagramed this photo.

This picture seems to be Harden’s farewell to his fans in Oklahoma City as he preps to join his new team, the New Orleans Hornets.  A lot of people instantly tried to double check this.  While this was happening, Harden deleted the picture.

This had led to three popular opinions on the subject.  The first one involves a hack job.  It is common for people to have their social media accounts taken over and this might have been someone playing a joke.  This is probably the most plausible explanation.

The second one involves Harden himself pranking his fans and the basketball community to get a bit of attention.  Possible, but pretty improbable in my book.

This leads me to my personal favorite option.  James Harden, who is probably a pretty smart guy, was fooled by a fake Twitter account.  Take a look.

[blackbirdpie url=""]

This account, along with variations of numerous names, have been trying to trick people the entire month of July with trade rumors.

These so called “parody” accounts have been floating around since the offseason started.  These are not actual parodies because the people who run them have no idea what a parody is.  Parodies should enough disbelief that you know they are not true.  These are people who make fake accounts because it gives them attention.

This option is probably the least likely to have happened, but that would be quite the story.  I know for a fact it is much more interesting than James Harden having his Twitter account hacked.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.