NBA Free Agency: 4 Unrestricted Free Agent Fits for Hornets

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Michael Redd- SG- Phoenix Suns

Every team needs a sharpshooter and even though Michael Redd is years from his prime and has had more knee injuries than anyone in recent memory, the man can shoot the basketball. He is also a great leader, which would be welcomed as this is a very young team and they lack veterans and leaders. He would also be a great mentor to Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers, as they would be getting daily advice from one of the best shooting guards of the decade.

The Hornets have money to spend and could probably trump any offer from another team. Redd will most likely go to a contender looking for a ring, but the Hornets would be a solid match.

Matt Barnes- SF- Los Angeles Lakers

Matt Barnes may not be the most efficient or effective player, but he is a hard working veteran who knows his place in the NBA and would set a great example to the young Hornets team. He would give the Hornets intensity, defense and shooting, while acting as a veteran leader. He could start at the three and give the Hornets the same things that Trevor Ariza game them, but at half the price.

Ronny Turiaf- C- Miami Heat

Ronny Turiaf does not bring much in the way of skill but he is an extremely hard worker and steady veteran, with great character. He is the perfect role model and veteran for young players to be around, as few NBA players have as hard a motor as Turiaf and after all he has been through, he would be an excellent leader for this team. He would receive much more playing time than he would on most other teams, which he may covet and he would also come cheap.

Dominic McGuire- SF- Golden State Warriors

McGuire is not flashy, but he has turned himself into one of the better perimeter defenders in the NBA, has a great motor and has proven to be a hard worker. He is the type of hard working role player that will understand his part and will give the team twenty-five solid minutes a night, while not demanding the ball. The team does not have a strong perimeter defender on the roster, which would make McGuire an excellent signing.