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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard to Brooklyn Deal Nearly Done

After a short break in trade talks, things have heated up once again between the Brooklyn Nets and the Orlando Magic for the services of the league’s best big man.

The Dwight Howard saga seems as if it will never end, but with the help of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a deal may finally be happening.

Cleveland is no newcomer to the Howard trade proposal, recently being part of an offer that was turned down by the Magic, but it seems that the new Orlando GM, Rob Hennigan, is interested in the three team trade currently being offered up.

All of the details of the trade offer have yet to be disclosed, but Brooke Lopez would most certainly become a member of the Magic, with Cleveland receiving Kris Humphries.  The Nets would offer up Marshon Brooks and there would be several draft picks changing hands.

The Magic would prefer to land Andrew Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers, but the chances of that happening have become nearly non existent after the sign-and-trade deal worked out by the Lakers for 3 time League MVP, Steve Nash.  Bynum sent the rumor mill into hyperdrive recently by asking “if he looked good in blue” on his facebook account.

Pulling the young and talented big man from L.A. would be the best case scenario for the Magic, who have been held hostage by their “Super” center for longer than they care to admit.  The problem is, Bynum has reportedly refused to commit to signing long-term with the Magic after the end of the season, which would put them back into the same position they have been in with Dwight.

As a result, Brooke Lopez, along with a ton of draft picks, appears to have its appeal.

If a deal does go through, then the teams would have to be worried about being shut down by NBA Commissioner David Stern.  Stern stopped the Lakers from securing Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets after the lockout ended last season, and there is a good possibility that he would do the same here, but that is a rumor for another time.

For now, it seems as if Dwight Howard and the Brooklyn Nets will finally get what they have wanted all along, and with the resigning of Deron Williams, along with the acquisition of Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks, the Nets will be the newest “Super Team” on the block, making the NBA in New York very interesting.

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