NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Still Trying To Trade For Dwight Howard

By Riley Schmitt

A lot of NBA rumors have flown about on Monday as the Orlando Magic seem close to trading disgruntled center Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets.  Many think that the deal is close but as Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my friend.”  The Houston Rockets still think they have a shot at Howard.

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The Rockets have just picked up Toney Douglas, a couple of tradeable contracts, and two second picks in the Marcus Camby trade.  They have so many trade assets that they could give up at this point.  Their roster is full of picks, cap space, young players.  Basically everything you want for a trade.  At this rate, I think they would literally give up a kitchen sink for Howard.

All of this does not matter if the Magic do not want to play ball.  Houston can trump the Nets’ offer easily.  Howard does not want to stay in Houston, but they think that money will be the thing that keeps him there.  It is a risk, but it is a risk that the team has building for.

I still think Howard ends up on the Nets, but until it is done, the NBA rumors will keep flying about other teams trying to get him.  Houston has set themselves up for this and they want to go for broke on a superstar.  Howard is the guy available so I hope that they think they can get him.  Otherwise, this is a bunch of weird moves for nothing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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