Alexey Shved Agrees To Deal With Minnesota Timberwolves

By Riley Schmitt

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Alexey Shved could have ended up being the steal of the 2012 NBA Draft.  Instead, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are desperate for any type of shooting guard that doesn’t suck, have agreed to a contract with the Russian guard.

I have seen some projections that look at Shved as another Goran Dragic.  Not exactly a bad thing for an undrafted free agent.  You normally have to use a pick on such a player.  Very good job by the front office getting a deal on a guy like this.

Shved was actually a candidate to get drafted a couple years ago, but was not picked up.  This works out well in a couple of ways.  Shved has had time to develop further and the team does not have to negotiate a buyout.  Shved is ready to go right off the bat.

Of course, a guy like Shved is going to need a year or two to adjust to the level of play that takes place in the United States.  Euro guys always come in with a bad reputation on defense but I think Alexey Shved has the body type and skill to develop into an okay defensive guard.

Shved will benefit a lot from having the team bring in Brandon Roy.  He is going to slowly get more minutes as his career goes on.  He will not be pressured to come in and put up big numbers.  For a kid trying to adjust to a new country and a new style of play, you can not understate that limited minutes factor.

Shved could end up failing like a lot of foreign players or he could eventual become a starting guard.  I applaud the Wolves for taking a risk on him.  If he turns out a winner, David Kahn looks like a genius.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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