Boston Celtics Danny Ainge Is Chasing Is Chasing Courtney Lee

By Rob Nelson

Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge has long said that he goes into every off season with about ten different plans. The original plan for shooting guard was to sign Jason Terry and bring back Judas…oops Ray Allen. However, Ray bolted to the wretched Miami Heat and thus Ainge is on one of his numerous plan Bs. Right now the plan B appears to be free agent guard Courtney Lee. Lee confirmed that Boston was one of eight teams in hot pursuit of his services and they brought out the big gun in Doc Rivers to try to recruit him to Boston’s cause.

Lee would be a great fit in Boston. Lee would fit well in Boston’s defensive schemes. He is a solid defender with a little length for his position. His offense is also solid with a decent shot and an ability to cut tot he basket with or without the ball. His three ball ight get better with the spacing his new Boston teammates would provide him. The man averaged about 12 points off the bench for Houston last season. Lee has also played in big playoff games with Orlando.

The problem is Boston is not going to have the funds for this guy. If eight teams are chasing him then one must have more than the two million dollar bi annual exception. Boston also does not have many parts that Houston would want or Boston would want to deal in a sign and trade route. This means the likely hood of Lee coming to Boston is slim.

However, do not count Boston out on this race. In 2009 the team got Marquis Daniels coming off a great year to sign for a very cheap deal discount. The lure of starting on a contending team, playing for a great coach, and for a storied franchise might be enough to get the job done. I hope it is because Boston will need another shooter with Ray gone. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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