Brooklyn Nets Should Move Away From Dwight Howard

By Ryan Gaydos

They say that the third time is a charm, but for the Brooklyn Nets it is the complete opposite of that. The Nets have tried to trade for disgruntled Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard on numerous occasions and they have failed all of the time. When a deal seemed to be in place, at least three times, the trigger was not pulled and Howard was not on his way to Brooklyn.

With all that being said, it is time for the Nets to move away from Howard and to begin focusing on what they have in front of them and what they do have in front of them is a great back court (on paper) and an increasingly skilled front court with the likes of Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries involved in it. The newly acquired Joe Johnson could play either the small forward or shooting guard spot while second year player MarShon Brooks is primarily the shooting guard.

The Nets need to start focusing on training camps and getting their team into place for a possible playoff run. The team has not seen the playoffs since 2007 when Lawrence Frank was still at the helm and Jason Kidd was still calling plays for Vince Carter. Another good goal for the Nets is to make it to 30 wins, something that have not accomplished in three years.

With the move to Brooklyn, GM Billy King has put a decent starting roster on the floor which is sure to get wins. The back and forth between the Nets and the Magic is getting old and it needs to stop, at least for the average Nets’ fan’s sake. All hope on Howard seems lost at this point.

A fresh start and a cleared head for the Nets will do wonders. Leave Dwight be and good things will come. Head coach Avery Johnson is sure to have a good season this year.

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