Interview With Scott Machado: Former Iona Star And Current Houston Rocket

By Joshua Casey

Heading into the NBA draft there were many teams that needed depth at the guard position, a few that quickly come to mind are the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and New York Knicks. Now the Lakers took care, for the most part, of their guard depth by executing a sign-and-trade for former Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash.  The Knicks are, presumably, going to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet to Jeremy Lin, and have also signed Jason Kidd. The Mavericks, well nobody really knows what they’re doing, but they have expressed interest in free-agent point guard Ramon Sessions.

So it came as no surprise that, when the opportunity presented itself, these three teams passed on one of the sleepers of the 2012 NBA draft, Scott Machado. But the Houston Rockets quickly pounced, and gave Machado a call, signing him very shortly after the draft. But still , as Machado points out in my interview with him, not getting drafted him will drive him to prove to the other 29 teams in the NBA that they just made a huge mistake.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.

1. Q: Going into the NBA draft you were projected to go in the late second round but ended not being drafted, although you were eventually signed by the Houston Rockets, were surprised or disappointed at all that you did not get drafted?

A:  I was suprised and disappointed that I didn’t get drafted.

2. Q: After the NBA draft were the Rockets the first team to contact you, and were they the only team showing interest?

A: After the draft seven teams called me they were not the only ones.

3. Q:  I was recently watching a video that was looking at the best/worst case scenario for each potential NBA draftee. The video profiled you and stated the best case scenario, for a team that drafted you, was that you could wind up as good as Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics. Do you feel you can become that good? And does that sort of analysis put a lot of pressure on you?

A:  I could become that good and no because I was born to play this game, and I know it.

4. Q: One of the areas that you really improved last season at Iona was your three point shooting, you shot 40% from beyond the arc, do you feel that that is a strong point now for you heading into the NBA?

A: Yea I feel like it’s something that I could always get better at, every year better and better.

5. Q: While watching you at Iona you were so skilled on the offensive end, with such great court vision, but one of the knocks on you was not so much with your game, or your ability, but rather that you had some physical limitations that might prohibit you from making the transition from Iona to the NBA. What are your thoughts on that?

A:  I think they are looking to much into it, I feel as if I am physically capable to play in this league.

6. Q:  After you went undrafted many media outlets suggested that it was the biggest snub of the draft, and that any team who signed you could be acquiring a major steal? Do you agree?

A: Yes I do agree but thats how the draft goes.

7. Q:  Since you went undrafted, and many teams that needed depth at the PG position passed you by, do you feel that you have something to prove now with the Rockets?

A: I feel I always have something to prove, this isn’t nothing new to me, I just want to show the world I can play.

8. Q: What kind of impact do you feel you can have with the Rockets?

A: I feel with all the trades and all the open spots that I could come in and play major minutes for them and contribute.

9. Q: Is there one team, or player, that you are really looking forward to playing against in the NBA?

A: Every team that I worked out for and didn’t draft me.

10. Q: Rumors have been swirling around that the Houston Rockets could possibly be acquiring Andrew Bynum, or Dwight Howard. What are your thoughts on that? And what would it be like to play with either one of those guys?

A: Playing with super-stars like that can only make me look better.

11. Q: Final question is sort of a fun one. What is the weirdest interaction you have ever had with a fan?

A:  I taught two of my fans how to dance bachata.

Thank you once again Mr. Machado and good luck with the Houston Rockets.

You can follow Scott Machado on Twitter @_ScottMachado 


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