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Jerryd Bayless Agrees To Deal With Memphis Grizzlies

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Jerryd Bayless and the Memphis Grizzlies wasted no time after the free agency moratorium ended to get a deal done.  The two parties agreed to deal that will be finalized later on Wednesday.

Bayless has a ton of potential but has never really gotten to show what he can do.  I think he is going to slide into the OJ Mayo spot in Memphis and thrive in it.  He is a not really a combo guard like Mayo but he can score and handle the ball.  Not exactly a bad combination if you look at it.

I expect a lot more moves to come in during the next couple of days.  A lot of people are going to be taking the money where they can get it.  This will lead to some outrageous deals and some steals.  Such is life when dealing with free agency.  You will have guys on great deals or ones on atrocities.

A lot of people are high on this move and with good reason.  This is the first time that Bayless is going to get a big role on a good team.  He could be a perfect boost to a Memphis team that seems to have reached a point of no return.  By that, I mean they have graced basketball purgatory with their presence. Jerryd Bayless could pull them out of it if everything goes right.

This is a great time to be a basketball fan as players are getting new teams by the hours.  If you do not like it, that is hard to believe.  I think player movement is the best in basketball.  Plus, who doesn’t like making fun of teams that give out stupid contracts.  It should be a national holiday for all of us.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.