NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Interested In Jonny Flynn

By Riley Schmitt

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NBA rumors have been concentrated on big names so far, but that does not mean the little guys are getting interest.  Free agent point guard Jonny Flynn is getting some looks from teams, including the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls are in need of a third point guard and Flynn fits the bill.

If there is one thing you can learn from the career arc of Flynn, it is that college success does not always equal professional success.  Flynn had a really good career at Syracuse and was a big part of a memorable six overtime game in the Big East Tournament.  He was taken in the top in the 2009 NBA Draft when things got weird.

If you remember right, Flynn was one of three point guards that the Minnesota Timberwolves took that year.  As it stands, he is by far the worst one of the three.  He was thrown into the fire and melted down like no other.  I am not sure many people saw that coming.  He has disappointed fan base after fan base during his short career.

Don’t even look at his game arc because it makes no sense.  He goes from full time starter to bench guy to looking for a team.  That is something that not a lot of people do to START their careers.

Flynn fits on the Bulls as that third point guard.  They drafted Marquis Teague and brought back golden boy Kirk Hinrich.  Since headache inducing John Lucas III is probably moving on, the Bulls have a need for an extra body.

If Flynn becomes more than an extra body, than the Bulls have bigger issues than everyone thought.  At no point should Flynn play big minutes next year.  That would cause a riot amongst Bulls fans like no other.

Remember kids, college play is not always the best way to evaluate future pros.  You might end up with a lemon like Flynn.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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