NBA Rumors: New Orleans Hornets Will Match Eric Gordon Offer Sheet

By Riley Schmitt

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Free agents can officially sign on July 11th, so NBA rumors are flying fast.  Eric Gordon desperately wants to become a member of the Phoenix Suns, but the New Orleans Hornets plan on keeping him in town.  They will match the four year, 58 million dollar offer sheet that Gordon agreed too.

Personally, I thought Gordon was nuts for even wanting to leave the Hornets.  They are going to be a lot better than the Suns are for a long time.  They have Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, and Austin Rivers.  Throw in Gordon and that is a pretty dang good core.  They might end up being a surprise playoff team this coming season.

Maybe Gordon felt mistreated by the Hornets or maybe he really never wanted to play for them.  That is too bad.  He is making 58 million dollars in this deal so he needs to suck it up and play it out.  He could have accepted a qualifying offer and became an unrestricted free agent next season.  He did not do that, so he has to play out this new contract.

I understand that some players want to be able to choose their destination, but there is a process for it.  Gordon had a chance but he turned it down.  He tried pleading with the Hornets to let him go but they are being smart about this.  I think that money will help him get over this.

I think that he is going to get over this and be just fine with the Hornets.  He can be one of the best shooting guards in the league and that is the major hole on this team.  He can become a star with Davis in the front court and the Hornets might just be the new team that people start gravitating too.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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