NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Looking To Amnesty Andray Blatche

By Riley Schmitt

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The amnesty window for professional basketball teams starts tomorrow and the NBA rumors about certain players are picking up.  In the most obvious move in the history of the amnesty clause, the Washington Wizards are looking at giving Andray Blatche the boot.

There is no way that Blatche starts the season with the Wizards.  They are trying to work out a trade but that contract is just a mess.  That is one symbol why the Wiz have been so bad.  They have 23 million dollars left on a contract for a guy who could not care less about basketball.

They would have to eat all that money or at least most of it if they do amnesty him.  I can not imagine that the bidding for Blatche is going to be high, so they are stuck with that money.  This would be the latest move in an attempt to purge the roster from players that are overpaid, immature, out of shape, or some combination of all three of those things.

A lot of people look at Blatche as an example of why basketball gets a bad rap.  You have a guy who is grossly overpaid who was basically told to stay at home last season.  That does not help public perception of the sport.  I mean, it is not as bad as having refs who think fans show up to watch them, but this is a close second.

I think the Wizards can be a playoff team next year, believe it or not.  They can accomplish that by kicking Blatche to the curb.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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