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Brook Lopez Agrees To Four Year Contract Extension With Brooklyn Nets

A lot of people thought Brook Lopez was going to be a member of the Orlando Magic as he was the key part in a Dwight Howard trade to the Brooklyn Nets.  However, that was not the case as the Nets decided to move on from Howard and sign Lopez to a four year, 61 million contract extension, which is for the maximum amount of money.

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Although I do not agree on giving Brook Lopez a max contract extension, that is just the way basketball is these days.  If the Nets did not give him that big money, some other team was going to do it.  You just couldn’t let him get away for nothing.  Since Howard is still a flake, this deal makes sense for both parties.

Remember, Lopez has never played with teammates quite like the ones he will play with this coming season.  Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, and Joe Johnson are a lot better than people he has played with before.  He will no longer be double teamed and should be able to improve on his efficiency and rebounding.

This has been one wacky offseason and the Nets made the smart move by getting out of the Howard mess before it completely went nuclear.  Everyone on the planet is absolutely sick of the circus surrounding him so the Nets may have just won some good PR.  Lopez is going to make bank, which should smooth over any hard feelings he might have towards the team.

As for Howard, I doubt anyone knows where he will end up.  Some team is going to have to take on the giant headache that he has morphed into.  He said he will not re-sign with any team outside of Brooklyn, but that is going to have to change.  The headache will only continue.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.