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Charles Barkley Takes Shot At Kobe Bryant And 2012 Olympic Team, Says Only 3 Players Would Make Dream Team

Charles Barkley is never a person to take things lightly.  I can imagine how he felt when he heard the news that Kobe Bryant believes that the current 2012 Olympic Team could take out the legendary 1992 Dream Team.

In fact, Barkley took zero to respond and I received the following in a text message.

Barkley told 97.5 The Fanatic (Philly) only 3 players on the Olympic team would have made Dream Team.

Charles Barkley does not take things lightly.  If I were to take a guess, the three players from this current squad that he thinks would make the Dream Team would be LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Bryant himself.  LeBron, because he is a freak of nature would easily make it. Durant is an absolute killer and would put in points when needed.  Finally, Bryant would kill himself trying to prove he was in the same league as Jordan.  That’d be fun to watch.

We need a way to get this simulated or something.  The two teams could never meet in their primes, barring some out of this world technology.  Then again, that might happen sooner than we think.  You never know what people are coming up with these days.

Personally, I think the Dream Team wins comfortably.  I do not think they blow the doors off the newer team but a double digit victory would be certain.  The Dream Team is just so much bigger and its filled to the brim with shot blockers and devastating defenders.  LeBron against Karl Malone in the post?  Durant trying to score on Pippen?  MJ and Kobe fighting to the death at half court?  Not seeing how the new team wins those match ups handily.

This is why sports are great.  We can have this debate.  Do you think the new team could take out the Dream Team?

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.