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Chris Kaman Agrees To Deal With Dallas Mavericks

Chris Kaman has been flying under the radar this free agency period.  The Dallas Mavericks have failed to do anything of note.  It makes perfect sense that the two would end up partnered together.  They have reached a deal and they plan on finishing the deal up later on Wednesday.

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Don’t forget that Chris Kaman was a former All-Star.  The guy can play.  This also gives the Mavs hope that they can dump Brendan Haywood’s contract.  That was a dumb contract when it was signed and it has not gotten any better.  At the very least, Kaman should start over him.  Kaman can actually do something on offense.

I think he fits well with this offense.  The way the Mavs offseason was going, they needed to get somebody into the fold.  A former All-Star certainly helps you make kind of a splash.  Kaman had a bunch of suitors but I believe that Dallas is the best possible spot for him to win a title.  Remember, that is the eventual goal of the game.  If you are not winning titles, you are not doing anything of note.

The Mavs should be able to scare a team or two in the playoffs, but they need more moves if they want to compete for a title.  They have some interesting pieces, but they are going to need more help to achieve that goal.  Chris Kaman may just be the first piece in this very interesting puzzle.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.