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Hornets Should Take A Chance on Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez has been somewhat of a disappointment in the NBA since being selected 15th overall in the fantastic 2008 draft, but he still has the potential to be a starting NBA center. With the Suns fully committed to All-Star caliber center, Marcin Gortat, there is a chance that theright offer could pry him away.

Lopez is in no way a game changer on offense, but he does have a nice touch around the rim and is great at scoring on second chances. He is however, a very good post defender, rebounder and shot blocker and would be a great fit with Anthony Davis down low, creating one of the best defensive big man duos in the NBA.

There is still a lot of untapped potential in Lopez and with more of an opportunity (which he never has been given), he could finally become a more consistent player and capable of being a starting center. Even if he never gets better, he is still a capable spot starter and an excellent backup off the bench, which makes it a low-risk type of move.

The Hornets would be very wise to take a chance on a potential franchise center and it is feasible that a contract in the six million dollar range per year, could get it done. That is tremendous value that will be extremely difficult to match over the years.

The Hornets have the cap space to pull it off, but the most important thing is protecting Davis from playing center, which this would do. For a franchise that has made all of the right moves this summer, this would be an excellent final touch in creating the foundation of a fantatic team.