Miami Heat Ray Allen Ensures His Legacy Will Be All About Him

Ray Allen was fully in his right to pull the Judas move that he did during the recent NBA free agency period. Ray was a free agent and could sign anywhere. His choice leave the Boston Celtics to sign with Miami was the best choice for his career at this point. Ray can no longer weave through the intricate maze of picks and screens to get his shot off and still have his body hold up. Miami will offer him a lot of open look threes and a shot to get a title handed to him like it was to Miami last year. However, Ray did alter his legacy big time with signing with the Heat and sadly I think he knew full well what he did.

The fact is had Ray stayed in Boston he would have been considered a Celtic. It is true he spent parts of his career in both Milwaukee and Seattle, but the reality is a seven to eight year stint in Boston means that when your name is mentioned you are thought of in the same regard as Celtics legends like Dennis Johnson, Nate Archibald, and even Bill Walton as Boston Celtics greats. Ray would have become a branch on this great historic tree. However, he cut down his branch in an abrupt fashion. When his career ends, it will lose the luster of being a member of the Celtics family because he rejected it after an offer that was made to ensure him staying.

Ray might have even killed his shot at getting number 20 raised to the rafters with number 34 and number 5. Does he really deserve that honor after spitting in the face of Celtics history and what it means to be a member of this storied franchise? Ray showed his true colors and they were not green with this move. No longer could the intelligent fan blindly ignore the selfish non Celtics ways that this man carried himself. Ray Allen is about Ray Allen and not the unselfish guy that gave up so much to be the third man of this new “Big Three” that Doc Rivers would stoke Ray’s ego by saying over and over again during his tenure in Boston.

People began to remember back to 2008 when Ray complained about not getting the ball in the right spots during the playoffs to be effective. This team was on a historic run to a title and this guy was worried about shots and his own offense to the point that he openly criticized his young point guard publicly. This move could have seriously rocked the championship boat had Rajon Rondo fired back instead of just continuing to direct the offense. Ray now has the balls to wonder why his relationship changed with him? This is a joke. Boston bailed him out and he won a title and all was buried in the subconscious.

People then remembered back to 2010 with Boston clearly sleep walking throughout he regular season. Ray Allen was not hurt, but he was clearly not himself. He seemed distracted and unable to defend at times as he missed rotation after rotation. The Celtics were losing and Ray’s downward turn in play was a big reason why.The reason for this was the trading deadline rumors that Ray was going to be dealt. He was more worried about his contract status and would he still be in Boston rather than playing well and helping this team win and get better seeding. Rajon Rondo would go so far as to call out some of his teammates for what he called people being more concerned about their goals and interests rather than the team’s goals and interests. People foolishly thought that he was referring to Rasheed Wallace. Wallace was always called a great teammate and even applauded for his locker room presence by players. His issue was he was out of shape and thus got older quick after some injuries. Rondo was not referring to Wallace. Rondo was squarely firing a shot between his future hall of fame shooter’s eyes. Once again Boston bailed out their star as the Celtics would go on an improbable run to the NBA Finals coming within a healthy Kendrick Perkins of winning Banner 18 and again all was forgotten about Ray.

I could go on with example after example of Ray acting very un Celtics like. I know everybody has had moments, but his are more frequent than they should be. I just cannot believe I turned this blind eye for so long. However, my eyes are wide open now. He will be remembered the best for his seasons and success in Boston. However, he will never be a Celtic. It was always too much about Ray Allen to be a true member of this team. The bottom line is Ray Allen will go down as one the greatest shooters of all time. However, he will stand alone rather than with the team of greats that are the Boston Celtics legends. Sadly I believe this is the way Ray would have it. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!

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  • Rick

    You are a dbag, shame on you.

  • Jon King

    Putting the Celtics eggs in the Rondo basket will lead to mediocrity. Rondo would have to be the 3rd best player on a contender and have a much less abrasive personality. Sorry, the Cs are headed back to the pack.

  • saqaq

    you know you’re a fucking idiot right? They were dangling him for two years for trade….revisionist history indeed.

  • ny35

    This is such crap. The celtics are a bunch of whiny babies and ray allen was the only classy player on the team. THAT’S why he left, yes because he’s unceltic, he’s a grade A guy who is well respected by other players. Unlike his teammates, so it’s no surprise he finally broke free to anyone outside that miserable city. No one ever complained about ray until he left. You can’t have it both ways.