Miami Heat Ray Allen Takes High Road At Introduction: But His Answers Spoke Volumes

The Miami Heat introduced their new shooting guard…oops I forgot they do not have positions according to them, I meant new player in Ray Allen. Ray Allen of course during his press conference was asked about the issues that have been rumored to be swirling as to why he left the Boston Celtics. Ray was of course well spoken like Judas was and said all the right comments to answer the questions, but for those that can read between the lines he clearly is still bitter about his role and why he is leaving Boston and thus confirmed all the rumors to be true surrounding his shocking departure from Boston.

The first rumor that Ray cryptically confirmed was that his relationship with Rajon Rondo was strained at best. When asked about whether he had talked to Rondo about his decision to leave or tried to clear the air, Ray made it clear that he had not talked to Rondo since the season ended and only contacted Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. He talked to them because he was tighter without hem due to their friendship off the court. This answer clearly shows that Ray does not view Rondo as a friend. If he had, then he would have called him and valued his opinion. By side stepping the question and answering that he talked to only those guys shows that he wanted nothing to do with Rondo.

This line of questioning is also where Ray showed a Judas type quality. He lied to the world by saying that his relationship with Rondo was not a factor in returning. This is a compete lie. There is no way the fact that he did not like, view as a peer, or trust the guy that was in charge of running the offense and getting him the ball was not a factor in his decision to leave. Ray clearly wants his shots and did not trust Rondo to get him the looks that he craved.

The other rumor was a rift between Doc Rivers and Ray over his role in the offense. It is zero secret that Ray hated being the third wheel and when Boston put a renewed focus in getting KG more touches that he became sour. Ray liked it even less after he was relegated to the bench. Ray confirmed this with his answers of he felt he could contribute more in the Miami offense than in Boston’s. He felt that he could do more than just run through screens and picks to get open (I do not think his body will hold up should he try to do more, but what do I know). This was a shot at Rivers and his belief that Rivers held his offense back.

Another rumor confirmed was his rift with Danny Ainge. Ray made a comment to the effect that he texted KG to let him know which way he was leaving because he still felt the sting that James Posey‘s departure gave him because he never had a chance to approach management to let them know that he wanted Posey back. KG responded and let him know Danny would step up to the plate. Ray’s response was we will see. Apparently Danny did not step up to the plate or Ray would still be in Boston. To even mention that shows Ray is a little bitter in the fact that he felt Boston did not really want him back. However, other than the double the offer and no trade clause for two years, i am curious just what Ray wanted. Did he want Ainge to fly out and get on his hands and knees and beg him to stay? Did he want to hear that he could be the number one scoring option and someone to sing his virtues? Danny did step up, Ray just clearly wanted out.

The most important rumor was Ray really was sad to leave and he did not really want to go. This was proven time and time again as he would get a bitter sweet look in his eyes when he referred to any of his time in Boston. Ray made it clear that he understood the fans reaction and still not only called Boston home, but would always love the people of Boston. He even cited the game six chants from the Eastern Conference Finals of LETS GO CELTICS despite clearly being beat as one of the greatest moments that he has experienced. This kind of talk is not coming from a guy that was not torn. This makes him even more bitter that he feels that he had to leave.

The bottom line is this press conference was what I expected. Ray was well spoken and said all the right comments. He was a man that bared the fact he was hurt and bitter about leaving Boston. However, if you are going to leave you should go to the team that gives you the best chance to contribute and win and Miami is just that. However, do not give me this nothing personal crap. Ray clearly is not happy with Doc Rivers, Rajon Rondo, and Danny AInge. This means this series between Boston and Miami is even more personal now. I cannot wait for this series to begin next year. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!

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