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NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks To Use Amnesty Clause On Brendan Haywood

The Dallas Mavericks finally made a splash this offseason by signing Chris Kaman.  Now they are involved in more NBA rumors as the team plans to use the amnesty provision on center Brendan Haywood who makes way too much money.

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Haywood played a role in helping the Mavericks win a title two years ago but he is just making way too much money for the team to keep him around.  Kaman is better in every aspect and he can actually do something on offense.  You can not say the same for Haywood.

Don’t worry, it is not like Haywood is going to be out of a job long.  Teams practically kill each other for size in the league, so he will have plenty of suitors.  He could decide to join another contender or he could follow the money trail.  A lot of options will be on the table for him.

The Mavs have certainly had a disappointing offseason but getting rid of Haywood will at least clear up some space.  Kaman is only on a one year deal, so he will not be back after this coming season.  The Mavs can still make a run at a free agent next summer, which has been the plan the whole time.  They want to get another star into the fold, but they have struggled so far.

This move is one of the most predictable of the season so far.  Expect more NBA rumors to pop up soon.  It is a great time of year.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.