NBA Rumors: Dwayne Wade’s Days with the Miami Heat are Numbered

By Derek Kessinger

Dwayne Wade’s South Beach lifestyle, one he has become accustomed to over nine years, two championships and a Finals MVP, is coming to an end. Wade may have agreed to take a lesser role with the Miami Heat to allow Lebron James to win a championship, but the plan is having a negative effect. As James’ stock goes up, Wade’s goes down. When the chants that Lebron needed help to win a championship grow louder, James will turn that help wanted sign around and send Wade packing.

The Heat continue to add pieces to the team that just won the NBA Championship in decisive fashion. The additions of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis add more depth to a bench full of talent taking a pay cut. Everyone wants a championship ring and with the players now assembled, James no longer needs a sidekick. He can finally be the superstar in Miami that he never was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So what is to become of Wade? Can he see the writing on the wall and is he willing to take his talents elsewhere? Is there a chance he will get fed up enough with the Lebron James show that he would consider going to help Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls? Chicago is his hometown and he was rumored to go there before the stars alligned for the Heat. Without Lebron’s inability to win a championship dominating headlines, the NBA Rumors could use a Wade vs. James showdown to stir the pot again.

The bottom line is that James and Wade will not both finish their careers in Miami. Wade has given the keys of the franchise to Lebron, who feels he deserves all the championships that come his way. Unless James can be enticed elsewhere, this means that Wade will eventually move on. He’s a competitor. Does he really want to live in James’ shadow for the rest of his career? More importantly, are Miami fans loyal to Wade or Lebron? That could be the difference maker.

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