NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Could Amnesty Luis Scola

By Riley Schmitt

The amount of NBA rumors over the last couple days is overwhelming.  The Houston Rockets have been involved in plenty of them but this one surrounding Luis Scola is a new one.  It appears that the Rockets could use the amnesty provision on their sneaky good power forward.

Scola’s contract is not a bad one at all.  However, it does impede one thing that the Rockets are trying to do.  If they amnesty Scola, they suddenly have plenty of cap room to pull off a Dwight Howard trade.  Not only could they give up picks and players for Howard, they could take back three crappy contracts from the Magic.  That would be the best deal on the table.

Don’t feel bad for Scola.  There are plenty of teams out there who would love to pick him up and the amnesty provision would make it easy for them to acquire his services.  The Rockets are still trying to work out a trade, but the amnesty is the final option.

The way it is looking, the Rockets can easily offer the best deal for Howard.  The Magic would be insane to pass it up.  They would get all three things that they require.  The Rockets have plenty of picks to hand over including a guaranteed lottery pick.  They have a bunch of young players on controllable contracts.  The Magic could also dump a bunch of ugly contracts and have a ton of cap space.

This deal just makes too much sense not to get done.  There are going to be more NBA rumors surrounding Howard and company, but this is by far the most sane.  If the Magic pass up on a possible deal with the Rockets, they truly have no idea what they want for Howard.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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