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NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers Pursuing DJ Augustin

There have been a lot of NBA rumors over the last couple of days and the Indiana Pacers have decided to get involved.  They just traded away backup point guard Darren Collison so they are trying to make a move to acquire DJ Augustin from the Charlotte Bobcats in a sign and trade deal.

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Augustin can be a very good player in the league but he has one thing that will always hold him back.  He is just too small to play the type of game the he does.  He likes driving to the basket, but without overwhelming speed, he is not super effective.  He can be a very good backup on a good team and Indy will use him right.

He has improved every year, so I will say that for him.  It is not easy playing for a team that isn’t any good, but he hasn’t had any issues.  Getting on a team that will make the playoffs and maybe make a run is good for any player.  He shouldn’t have to worry about money after this either.

I like all of these moves the Pacers are making from a depth perspective.  The money might be a little bit out of wack but they are trying to fill all of their holes.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that after their back court was exposed in the playoffs.  Getting a guy like Augustin will certainly help prevent things like that.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.