NBA Rumors: Kyle Korver Could Be Traded To Atlanta Hawks

By Riley Schmitt

We are in our first official free agency day for the NBA so the NBA rumors are flying everywhere.  The latest ones involve the Chicago Bulls and Kyle Korver.  The Bulls have until Sunday to decide on Korver’s option for the upcoming season and it looks like they are going to trade him.  It seems like the Atlanta Hawks are a perfect trade partner.

The Hawks have been active this offseason and have already moved Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams.  However, they still need a good shooter on the roster.  For all of the flaws that he has, Korver can certainly shoot the lights out.  He has been a great shooter for the Bulls, although his playoff work leaves something to be desired.

The Hawks apparently have a perfect trade exception to fit Korver in.  This would certainly fit the bill for what the Bulls need.  For that team, it is all about flexibility.  Of course, they could have turned CJ Watson and Ronnie Brewer into a TPE if they wanted even more room to move, but whatever.  Can’t have everything we want, I guess.

I will be shocked if Korver is not moved by Sunday.  The Bulls want to move him and this TPE that they can get from the ATL is going to work perfectly for them.  Korver had a good two year run with the Bulls but the team is going in a different direction.  Regular season championships are fine, but the Bulls are looking to form a title team.

If the Hawks do end up being the team that Korver goes to, that is one heck of an offseason.  They almost rebuilt the team on the fly.  They still have two very good players and a very moveable piece in Josh Smith.  Not a bad first year for Danny Ferry.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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