NBA Rumors: The Chicago Bulls Need Dwight Howard To Compete For NBA Title

By gilgerard

With the Orlando Magic and  Dwight Howard dominating the NBA Rumors right now, a team that hasn’t been mentioned for his services is the Chicago Bulls. That absolutely stuns me for both sides because you would think Chicago is a very attractive city for any NBA superstar. They have that guy named Derrick Rose who has already won an MVP award and a pretty good supporting cast, but in this day and age? You need 3 super stars to win.

Clearly, Dwight Howard is a spoiled little brat. Yup, I said it. At this point- I don’t care because all I want to see is the Chicago Bulls back on top where they belong and if trading for a spoiled brat will do it? Do it.

The Bulls need to put themselves in the position to get this guy because he’s the dominating inside presence the Bulls severely lack- and a guy that can go inside out with the former MVP (rehabbing an ACL surgery currently) when he returns.

It’s unfortunate Dwight wants nothing to do with the Bulls as of right now, and a complete shame. Chicago is a big market city that the big center is looking for. Not only that, but it’s a franchise that’s touched gold 6 teams, was home to the greatest player in NBA history- and a city with VERY attractive woman (not kidding there!).

Even if the Bulls trade for Howard and Howard leaves, it sheds them of the salaries of likely Luol Deng and Joakim Noah so it’s a win-win situation in my eyes.

I’m not sure what it would take…or if it would happen, or not. All I can say is- the Chicago Bulls need to find 2 other superstars that wanna team up with Derrick Rose if Chicago wants to ever hoist the golden dome once agin. Howard is a nice 2nd superstar, don’t ya think?

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