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Blake Griffin Suffers Knee Injury During Team USA Scrimmage

Blake Griffin may have just been struck down by the curse of the Los Angeles Clippers.  Griffin just signed a 95 million dollar extension and now he has suffered a knee injury during a scrimmage for Team USA.  Griffin is flying back to LA to get a MRI while Anthony Davis is headed to Las Vegas.

They are saying that is just a twisted knee and that the MRI is probably just a precaution.  Then again, it is the Clippers.  Strange things keep happening when the team finally closes in on success.  If Griffin has suffered a severe injury, I think you can kiss Chris Paul goodbye.  No way he would agree to an extension with LA if Griffin is damaged good.

This is also big news for Davis.  He did not make the cut for Team USA but now he gets to scrimmage with the best players in the world.  If that is not the best way to get used to pro basketball, I have no idea what is.  I hoped he would make the team but not in a way like this.  It’s good for him, but I bet he wishes Griffin was still fine.

Blake Griffin and the basketball world are going to watch this incident with bated breath.  If Griffin truly is hurt, this is going to have a lot of ramifications.  This is why non-team play can screw with teams.  If your player gets hurt representing his country, that is a big impact on your franchise.  A group like the Clippers doesn’t need help having weird stuff happen to star players.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.