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Blake Griffin Will Not Play In Olympics For Team USA After Suffering Torn Meniscus

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers suffered a knee injury on Wednesday that put his Olympics presence in doubt.  That turned out to be true as the knee injury is severe enough that Griffin will not be a part of Team USA but he will be ready for training camp.  The injury is a torn left meniscus and Griffin will have arthroscopic surgery soon.

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That giant exhale you just heard is coming from California.  There was always a chance that this injury could have kept Griffin out of some actual games.  Although missing the Olympics sucks, at least his able to still get ready for training camp.  He just inked a brand new extension, so it would be good if he were able to earn it.

Blake Griffin really didn’t fit on the team anyways.  His game is not an international one.  Dunks are not a part of international play like they are over in the US.  This opens a question to who gets Griffin’s spot on the team.

Anthony Davis is with the team and he is the safe bet.  However, he has an ankle injury and he might not want to play and re-injure himself.  I think a lot of people would be happy if Davis stayed home.

That means the wild card in all of this is one DeMarcus Cousins.  He apparently is too immature to play for Team USA, but I bet that he would scare the crap out of some opponents.  Plus, it would be great to set him loose in a foreign country.

Griffin will miss the Olympics but he is ready for to prep for the season.  Bring on Boogie Cousins.  The opponents won’t know what hit them.  That could en up being a bad thing, but I think the entertainment value we would all get out of it outweighs the negatives.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.