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NBA Rumors: Charlotte Bobcats Interested In Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries has been involved in his fair share of NBA rumors over the last couple of days.  He has been linked to four or five separate teams but the Charlotte Bobcats seem to be the team most interested in services.  They need help at power forward so it would be a good fit.

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The Bobcats would have to make some moves and would have to use the amnesty provison on Gana Diop.  Fun fact about Diop, Skip Bayless thought he would be the best player out of the 2001 NBA Draft.  So do with that what you will.

The Bobcats are probably going to be the only team out there who would give Hump that long term contract he is looking for.  A lot of people dismiss him because of all that Kardashian crap, but he is a very effective player.  He can get you a double double quite easily.  There are not a lot of power forwards out there who can do that consistently.

John Hollinger has pointed out that this might be part of a sign and trade deal so the Brooklyn Nets could acquire a trade exception to fit Antwan Jamison.  Not sure how Jamison would help the team more than Hump, but I am not a GM.

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Hump is a guy that you can always find in NBA rumors but maybe that is coming to an end.  He can have some great games in Charlotte for a couple years before he moves on to a contender.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.