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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Looking At Anthony Tolliver

NBA rumors have been flying about the top free agents for weeks, but now rumors are flying about the lesser known guys.  Anthony Tolliver is a solid guy if you need a post defender and a rebounder.  That means he has a lot of suitors and one of those teams is the Chicago Bulls.

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See, this move does not seem to make a lot of sense on paper.  The Bulls have post depth, especially if they decide to match the offer sheet out there for Omer Asik.  For them, Tolliver would be a fifth big, which basically amounts to an emergency guy.

Then again, maybe the Bulls go into super conservative mode and decline to match Asik just to save money.  Bringing in Tolliver on the cheap won’t replace Asik but he could help deaden the loss.  He is nowhere near the defender but he can grab plenty of rebounds.

A lot of money has been disappearing on the market over the last couple of days.  Guys like Tolliver will probably have to settle for the minimum.  Players are just not getting paid as much as they used to.  Teams are actually being smarter with their money these days.

NBA rumors surrounding the little guys in free agency are going to pop up a lot in the next couple of days.  Expect a lot more movement over the next week or so.  These guys will want to find a new team sooner rather than later.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.