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NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks To Pursue Luis Scola

Luis Scola is a very effective player for the Houston Rockets, but NBA rumors have been surrounding him all offseason.  The Rockets will amnesty the power forward on Friday, which will allow teams under the cap to make a run at him.  The Dallas Mavericks figure the team to pursue him the hardest.

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The Mavericks had big plans this offseason but none of them have worked out.  If they can get a guy like Scola, that will be a big get.  He would provide a lot of depth for the team and he is still very good.  They have already added Chris Kaman, so their interior presence works out.

Scola will also play off of Dirk Nowitzki quite well.  Dirk can use the midrange and outside shot, while Scola can score in bunches from the block.  The Mavericks may have missed out on some big names early, but they are trying to overcome that.

Don’t count out the Mavs yet.  I have seen some people thinking that they will easily be a lottery team.  I don’t think you can dismiss a team that has a former champion like Dirk on it.  He will not let his team go down without a fight and these latest moves are designed to keep them in the race.  It may not seem so great on paper, but it will work out well in the long run.

The NBA rumors around Scola will pop up until a team claims him but expect him in Dallas next year.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.