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Chicago Bulls Trade Kyle Korver To Atlanta Hawks

It has been rumored for a couple of days but the Chicago Bulls have finally traded small forward Kyle Korver.  Korver is on his way to the Atlanta Hawks, who need a good shooter.  I would expect that this deal is part of a sign and trade for Kirk Hinrich, which would give the Bulls their min mid-level back.

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This move is purely a cost cutting measure by the Bulls.  Kyle Korver is scheduled to make around five million dollars this coming season and the Bulls simply do not want to pay that cash.  Getting the MMLE back would be big for the team as they would be able to pursue some other player.  I have the feeling that man would Michael Redd.

Redd would be the shooter to replace Korver and he would be cheaper.  That is the goal for the next few seasons.  Cheap is always better apparently.

I’ve been saying it for months, but this coming season is a lost one for the Bulls.  They are not going to win a title this coming year.   They have to remold the roster due to injury and the luxury tax.  It is tough to watch a super profitable team sell off pieces just to save a buck, but Bulls fans are used to it buy now.  Sucks when a rich guy owns your team but never wants to spend a single dime.

The Bulls still have a couple of decisions to make this offseason.  They are still going to look for veteran minimum guys to fill out the roster.  They may bring back Omer Asik.  They may consider a couple more moves but right now, Korver to the ATL is the only move that is for sure completed.  He had a good run with the team but they have moved in a different direction.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.