Minnesota Timberwolves Waive Martell Webster

Martell Webster was drafted as a promising high school player but his career has never turned out the way that people thought it would.  The Minnesota Timberwolves waived the forward on Friday in order to get out from under his way too expensive contract.

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Webster is the perfect example of why high schoolers should not be allowed in the draft.  He was taken way too early in the draft and has never lived up to his pick.  He probably never will either.  This is partially his fault and partially the fault of teams.  For a time, teams were way too in love with high schoolers.  High schools have tons of flaws that college can help overcome.

Martell Webster was just another victim of the process.  Maybe college would have hurt him.  Maybe he would have never gotten drafted and made the money he did.  To me, he is just another guy who represents lost potential.  It is sad to see, but that is what happens in professional basketball in today’s world.

I expected this move all offseason.  The Wolves needed to clear up some cap space and waiving Webster was the best way to make that room.  He never really played well for the team, which means he was very expendable.  It is not a good thing to be thought of as an expendable basketball player, but that is Webster in a nut shull.

Some other team will probably take a flier on Webster but I am not really sure what he can bring you.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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