NBA Rumors: Are The Bulls Going To Get Back Into the Dwight Howard Sweepstakes?

By gilgerard

With NBA Rumors, you just never know what is or isn’t true. However, in this case- you have to believe there’s some smoke…that is if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan. With the Brooklyn Nets out of the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, it means there’s only going to be a few teams that have “a superstar” that Howard so desperately wants. The Los Angeles Lakers (I doubt it), Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, or…can anyone think of another team?

If Howard wants to play with a superstar, wouldn’t the Chicago Bulls make more sense with Derrick Rose? Wouldn’t the Bulls want Howard over Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, and Taj Gibson? This makes too much sense to just ignore.

Chicago is the biggest market that could still be in play. Chicago will offer Howard a ridiculous amount of marketing abilities and  Howard would make a ton of “quan” from it. Chicago has a superstar (Derrick Rose) that Howard would flourish with. Chicago has the fan base that comes out every night, and a supporting cast that’s better than the Magic. The Bulls would be a perfect destination for Howard because the Bulls offer everything he wants.

So what’s the deal here? Why isn’t Howard interested in the Bulls? I can’t answer that, only he can. I would LOVE to go play with the Bulls and D-Rose if I were in Howard’s shoes. I however think that Bulls are going to be in play for Howard because when it comes down to it- the Bulls are a better option than the Houston Rocketts, and Los Angeles Lakers at this point.

If Dwight  Howard wants to win a title? The Chicago Bulls are his best shot at doing it.

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