Xavier Silas Suffers Possible Skull Fracture During Orlando Summer League

By Riley Schmitt

Xavier Silas is a young guy trying to make an impression for the Philadelphia 76ers in the Orlando Summer League.  Unfortunately, Silas may have just suffered a severe head injury and it is possible that he ended up fracturing his skull.

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Silas was knocked down on a drive and ended up landing in a bunch of chairs.  He is on his way to a local hospital for further diagnosis.  Silas is a guy that has a lot of talent and can be a great guard off the bench for a team in the future.  However, this injury could possibly end his basketball career.


Skull injuries are something that do not get messed around with.  I imagine that Silas will need to have surgery and he will be out for some time.  However, it is not known how bad the skull injury is.  It is probable that he has a concussion but the fracture is up for debate.

He was a great player in college and although he wouldn’t be a pro star, Xavier Silas is a guy that is good to have around.  He is an upbeat kid and a very interactive guy on Twitter.  He was starting to get a little bit of playing time late in the season for Philly and looked to make a statement this summer.  This may have ended those hopes.

We will keep you updated on the condition of Silas as soon as we get more information.  We hope that he is alright and that he can continue to play ball.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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