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Boston Celtics Chris Wilcox Is Back For More

Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge has made some noise this off season with a very active and productive off season. He made noise in the NBA draft with the selections of Jared Sullinger (STEAL!!!!) and Fab Mello. His free agent signings of Jason Terry to go along with the resigning of Kevin Garnett and Jeff Green have greatly up graded the roster that was within one game of sending the Miami Heat home where they belonged. These moves were huge, but Ainge just made another move that will fly under the radar that could mean a lot to Boston’s push for Banner 18 in the form of resigning free agent power forward/center Chris Wilcox.

Wilcox had some tough luck last season. After developing some chemistry with point guard Rajon Rondo and really showing a great ability to run the floor, Chris was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to miss the entire second half of the year. Wilcox’s injury also hurt Boston’s interior defense and rebounding. Wilcox was one of their best rebounders and not having him made an already weak rebounding team down right pathetic. Boston clearly missed him as the injuries mounted. Stiemsma was nice, but he lacked Wilcox’s offensive ability and his foot injury cut down his minutes.. Ryan Hollins was just not able to stay on the floor enough during the post season due to stupid fouls. This meant Boston was forced to over use KG and have him run out of gas the final two playoff games.

The great part of this signing is Boston got a big man that contribute right away. Wilcox knows all the offensive and offensive sets and has chemistry with the core guys. He should be able to come in and provide a breather for Kevin Garnett on a night to night basis and not have Boston feeling too much of the effects of KG’s absence on the floor. Wilcox is not KG, but he can run the floor and score with ease, can rebound better than either Greg Stiemsma or Ryan Hollins can, and has no problems getting dirty defensively in the paint. They basically got the guy that they paid the full mid level exception for last year for the veteran minimum due to injury status that is supposed to be cleared up. This means score another big win Danny. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!