NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Still After Courtney Lee And O.J. Mayo

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics rumor mill is in full swing. After Boston has ended their quest to pull off a sign and trade to land Jason Terry in order to still have them armed with the mid level exception to sign either Courtney Lee or O.J. Mayo, many had Boston out of the running for either player. However, it is being said that Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge is actively pursuing Lee and Mayo still. The rumor is Ainge is prepared to offer Draft picks, young talent (JaJuan Johnson or E’Twaun Moore) and either free agent Mickael Pietrus and or Keyon Dooling in a sign and trade offer to try to land one of these guards to give boston even ore shooting off their bench.

While I do not doubt that these rumors are one hundred percent true, I just do not see boston landing either guy. The Memphis Grizzlies I doubt want any of those players or Boston draft picks. They are young enough and want to win now. Getting a veteran like Pietrus or Dooling can be done just as easy by signing one and not giving up any chips like Mayo. This means do not see Danny getting the guy he has been fascinated with for a while.

Houston is in much the same place. However, at least the Rockets might be enticed by the idea of Pietrus for the simple fact that should they land Dwight Howard like they are trying to gear up for in a trade, having a familiar face for him like Pietrus might be a great idea and a piece like a draft pick (Boston’s second round pick from OKC) or a guy like JaJuan Johnson might be another piece to deal for Howard. This means Lee might still be in play. However, in my mind landing Courtney Lee is still a long shot. However, Ainge has shocked me more times than not so stay tuned for more on this story as it developed.

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