Portland Trail Blazers Trade Raymond Felton To New York Knicks

By Riley Schmitt

Raymond Felton was rumored to return to the New York Knicks and it has finally happened.  Along with Kurt Thomas, Felton is leaving the Portland Trail Blazers, who pick up Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric in the deal.

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Raymond Felton is now the third point guard on the Knicks roster, which makes the Jeremy Lin question all the more interesting.  Will the Knicks decide to match his poison pill offer?  It is a lot of money but you can make a ton back on Lin merchandise.  He was quite popular when he was playing and he is a cash cow.

Felton struggled once he left NY.  He has weight issues and his play was just bad.  He was fine in NY for a time and the Knicks are hoping he can regain some of his former form.  They need to find some sort of answer at point guard and a guy who can eat minutes.  Jason Kidd can’t play as much as people think he can.  He is just too old.

The Knicks have certainly had an interesting offseason.  This move is one of those ones that make you shake your head.  They might have an eventual plan but if they match Lin, they have four point guards on the roster.  That is about one too many.  There might be some master plan that I do not know about, but that is unlikely.  The Knicks might just want a lot of guard insurance.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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