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Jeremy Lin: Worth $30 Million

NEW YORK – Jeremy Lin belongs to a special list of NBA players. Membership includes Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. If you belong on this list, then the amount that you turn over the ball, your three point percentage and other basketball stats are not the only major factors in contract negotiations.

Endorsements, jersey sales and celebrity are vital components of a player’s worth to an NBA franchise. This is where Lin, matched with his game, is worth $30 million dollars.

Stories like Lin’s are extremely important to the business of sports. “Linsanity” is a story worthy of ESPN documentaries for years to come. It’s one of the greatness stories in the spirit of sport in recent history.

It’s one of the factors that make Lin one of the most marketable guys in sports.

Marketing and merchandising are critical factors to Lin’s offer when taken into account for membership to a certain list that addresses marketability:

  • Value for money
  • Age
  • Home market
  • Charisma
  • Willingness
  • Crossover appeal
This is where guys like Rose, Griffin and Lin get extra incentives in their deals. Meek Mill wrote a song and named it Derrick Rose. Lin and Rose would have the best selling jerseys of 2012. Griffin is in every second commercial on TV.
ESPNNewYork’s Jared Zwerling would report that:
“In 2010-11, the NBA had its strongest presence to date in China via television, online and mobile. But through only the first and week and a half after Linsanity started on Feb. 4, those properties soared to new heights. China’s CCTV had a 39 percent viewership rise and amassed 4.7 billion page views (a 43 percent increase from last season).”
If the Houston Rockets had not made the offer that they did, the deal offered to Lin is worth more than $25 million – $5 million in the first year, $5.225 million in the second and $14.8 million in the third, the New York Knicks would not have to put up the money that they now must offer to keep him.
The Knicks are the Knicks and Houston is Houston. For Houston to get a guy like Lin, they have to put up the big bucks.