Luis Scola Claimed Off Amnesty Waivers By Phoenix Suns

By Riley Schmitt

Luis Scola was probably one of the best prizes left on the market.  He was amnestied by the Houston Rockets in order to clear up salary space to make a big play for Dwight Howard.  Scola is now going to take his talents to the Phoenix Suns after being claimed on amnesty waivers.

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Luis Scola is going to be a big help for the Suns.  He is very underrated by basketball fans.  He has started to slip a little bit, but his game is still crafty enough to get close to 20 points a night.  You will not find a lot of people available for cheap that can do that.  It is not like the Rockets did not want him anymore, they simply had bigger fish to fry.

This has certainly been one weird offseason so far and this move kind of fits into it.  Not that Scola was claimed by the, but the fact that he was available in the first place.  A lot of teams are trying to position themselves to get everything they can before the harsh luxury tax penalties kick in.  If it involves letting go a guy who can still put up big numbers, so be it.

There is still going to be a flurry of moves before the offseason ends.  There are still a lot of pieces on the market that can help shapes teams from pretenders into contenders.  The Suns might just surprise some people now.  Scola gives them that post scorer.  They won’t be a playoff team this year, but they might be a couple of the top teams this year.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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